AATS Week Recap

From the opening session of the Aortic Symposium to the final Surgical Cinemas at the AATS 98
th Annual Meeting, AATS Week provided the opportunity for the cardiothoracic community to interact and learn from each other.

At the Aortic Symposium in New York, more than than 900 cardiothoracic surgeons and related professionals registered for sessions on the current state of research on and treatment of aortic aneurysms and dissections. Leaders in the field discussed a wide variety of topics including clinical guidelines, the potential of key clinical registries, the role of genetics in aortic aneurysms, and the nuances of elephant trunk repair for aortic dissection.

At the AATS 98th Annual Meeting, held in collaboration with AmSECT for the second straight year, more than 2600 professional attendees were on hand for ground-breaking presentations and courses. View webcasts from the meeting as well as interviews with some of the presenters and discussants, and studies that received press coverage. The Innovation Summit, Member for a Day Program, and Survival Guide: Your First Night on Call session were back by popular demand and new additions to the program this year included the Cardiothoracic Careers College, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, the AATS/SCAI Heart Team Summit, Protecting the Brain During HeartSurgery and Transseptal Catheter Hands-On Session .

There was an outstanding line-up of speakers, including Combined Luncheon Speaker, Bruce A. Reitz , and Legends Luncheon Speakers, George E. Green, Mark B. Orringer, and Thomas Spray. Invited Guest Speakers Martin J. Elliott and Edward Tufte both focused on research integrity, and in his Presidential Address, Duke E.Cameron, focused on the “Gentle Handling” of both tissue and patients.

For many, the highlight of the event was the President’s Dinner, where Dr. Cameron and AATS Vice President Vaughn A. Starnes took the stage with the parent of one of Dr. Starnes’ patients, Jimmy Kimmel. It was a reversal of roles as Drs. Cameron and Starnes asked the late-night host questions about his family’s experience after his son, Billy, was diagnosed with Tetrology of Fallot. Despite the serious topic, it was a humorous discussion that also showed those in the audience the perspective of the families of the patients they treat.

Now the planning begins for the Mitral Conclave, which will be held in New York City on May 2-3 and the 99th AATS Annual Meeting, which will be in Toronto from May 4-7, 2019.