Sponsored by Medtronic

Past Awardees

Vasily Kaleda, MD
Ochapowski Regional Hospital
Krasnodor, Russia

Host Institution: New York University
Host Mentor: Aubrey Galloway, MD

Vasily Kaleda is interested in heart valve disease, but many new techniques and treatments are not widely used in Russia. Aware of the historic role of Americans in cardiac surgery, he applied for the fellowship.

I was dreaming about going to any American cardiac surgery clinic to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Starting in May, he hopes to learn minimally invasive heart valve and complex aortic surgical techniques. He is also looks forward to observing the organization and staffing of a modern cardiac clinic.
I hope this fellowship will help me to improve cardiac surgery in my country in the future.

Advanced Valve Disease Educational Fellowship

Sponsored by Medtronic

Fellowship Goal

To provide Fellows an interactive educational opportunity to observe and have discussions with specialists in the treatment of heart valve disease at suggested institutions, while concurrently obtaining technical skills and perioperative patient management.

Program Overview

The AATS Foundation Advanced Valve Disease Education Fellowship provides a live, interactive and observational educational experience for cardiothoracic surgeons from around the world to spend a minimum of one month or up to three months at host institutions focusing their research and training in any of the following areas:
  • Minimally Invasive operative techniques for aortic, mitral and tricuspid disease
  • Unique technical approaches for repair of complex degenerative and functional mitral valves
  • Complex aortic surgery
  • Aortic and Mitral transcatheter valve approaches. Valve imaging techniques for proper assessment and case planning
  • Robotic mitral valve surgery
  • Developing a successful program
  • Endovascular treatment of the aorta
  • Current trends in coronary revascularization
  • A Multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of valvular heart disease. The role heart teams should play to improve patient outcomes

A number of host surgeons/institutions who are experienced in surgical and transcatheter therapies have partnered with the AATS Foundation on this initiative. Potential hosts include:
  • Marc Gillinov, M.D., Cleveland Clinic
  • David H. Adams, M.D., Mount Sinai Health System
  • Aubrey C. Galloway, M.D., New York University
  • Scott M. Goldman, M.D., Lankenau Medical Center
  • Michael Halkos, M.D., Emory University Hospital
  • Vaughn A. Starnes, M.D., University of Southern California


To be eligible for an award, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Should have completed formal training in general surgery and in thoracic and/or cardiovascular surgery, but should not yet have reached a senior position
  • Meet all necessary criteria (license, visa, etc…) for travel to and from host center
  • Must be part of an active clinical practice

Application Process
In addition to a formal online application, candidates will also be required to upload the following materials:
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Current Practice: Brief outline (one page max) of your current practice or training program with an estimate of the number of atrial fibrillation cases observed
  • Letter of support from department chair or division chief
  • Fellow Narrative: One to two page narrative to include: (1) what they hope to accomplish during the Fellowship (including timeline and area of interest); (2) how they will utilize the skills they have learned at their home institution; (3) the relationship of the planned study to the applicant’s prior work, preparation and professional goals; and, (4) statement of future career goals
  • Host Center Plans: Short description under of what you hope to learn by attending your selected host site 

Review Process/Award Funding
AATS Foundation’s Scientific Review Committee, which includes surgeons with recognized expertise in the treatment of valve disease, will review all applications and select awardees within 45 days of application deadline. Applications will be graded on all aspects of the award criteria. At the conclusion of their experience a final report is required for submission to the Foundation and the Sponsor.

Depending on the intended time spent at the host institution as described in the application, a selection of one of the following two levels will be awarded:
  • Level One: Awards of up to $7,500 for no more than one month of study
  • Level Two: Awards of up to $15,000 for 2-3 months of study

Deadline: July 1st, 2019